• Video Poker Books

    We would like to pickup as much as possible books about video poker game in this category . There are also plenty of real reviews for each book. Everybody is welcome to leave his comment about any book he read. I hope with time this collection will be huge and who knows maybe it will become the starting point before buying the book about video poker on internet.
  • Video Poker Books

    Your Winning Strategy to Video Poker: The Alternative to Slots

    Your Winning Strategy to Video Poker: The Alternative to SlotsAfter constant misfortunes at casino Raymond Clarke, author of this book, realized how to play video poker games effectively winning money. He developed several playing strategies based on his experience, knowledge, mathematics and statistics.

    Besides Raymond discovers useful approaches of having fun when visiting casino. You clearly understand that casino play is more fun, than money making. But if you know some secrets you will manage to increase your winning chances. Read more…

    The Video Poker Answer Book

    The Video Poker Answer BookThe Video Poker Answer Book is written by John Grochowski, author that has great understanding of video poker machine essence. In his book John covers a lot of aspects of video poker game in particular mechanics of machines, different strategies, behaviour types, etc.

    There are 277 pages in this book. It is not the largest format on this thematic, but all important aspects are covered in pretty good manner. It should help you in real world of gambling. Read more…

    Frugal Video Poker (Paperback)

    Jean Scott, one of the authors of this book, is very active person. She has a lot of different activities every day. Viktor Nacht is well-known publisher and gambling authority. He spent about 10 years playing blackjack and working as webmaster for famous publishing houses.

    Today he lives in Las Vegas, plays blackjack and video poker professinally and own several sites dedicated to casino games for those who would like to win at casino. Read more…

    Another Set of Comments About Scoblete’s Book

    ‘Victory at Video Poker’ became highly popular on my blog. I received a lot of comments and reviews. So I decided to split again and create separate post. The best comments are added with star ratings. As usual you’re welcome to add your thoughts about this book in comment section. Please don’t forget to type how many stars you grant this book. Be descriptive and substantial. If you make some grammar mistakes don’t be ashamed I do my best to make corrections.

    Review space is waiting for your opinions…

    2nd Review Page of Frank Scoblete’s Book

    Another section with reviews of ‘Victory at Video Poker’ book. I would like to remind it is created by Frank Scoblete – famous gambling writer. By the way every review page draws rather a lot of interesting opinions about the books I reviewed on this site. I do think it will be helpful for a lot of amateurs, semi-professional and professional video poker and slots gamers. It helps to choose relevant book you need on current stage of self-improvement.

    Add your unique experience on these pages…

    Fundamentals of Video Poker

    Mason Malmuth and Lynne Loomis wrote a book that is worth of our attention. They asnwers on a lot of questions about basic and essential points of video poker game. This game is not so simple as sometimes it seems. To get top winnings and payouts you need to know some basic theory. After that a lot of casinos will open their doors. But you’ll be prepared for the outstanding challenge.

    Malmuth and Loomis are rather experienced authors in the field of gambling, especially video poker game. Read more…

    ‘Victory at Video Poker’ Book Review

    ‘Victory at Video Poker’ book generated rather a lot of feedbacks. So it is time to create separate post with visitors reviews. Feedbacks are really different and vary from very positive to negative. This blog is rather democratic, so every comment with good, interesting and relevant information will be published. Don’t forget to add points as rating because it takes too much time then to contact each reviewer and ask about score of the book.

    Come and leave you comment about Frank Scoblete’s book.

    Reviews of Jean Scott and Viktor Nacht’s Book

    Jean Scott and Viktor Nacht's Book ReviewFeel free to rate this book adding your thoughts, attitude, feelings and results. Did your gains grow after reading this book? Have you got new knowledge? Please share your experience with other visitors.

    I promise to provide good moderation of this page and leave just the most relevant comments.

    Million Dollar Video Poker

    Million Dollar Video PokerOverview of interesting book of Bob Dancer. He is not person of theory. He is real practical man who managed to create his capital playing video poker game. I am sure this book will be helpful for everyone interested in this addictive game. Later the post with reviews will added to share feedbacks of those who had chance to read this book.

    Read more details about this work…

    2nd Part of Opinions About Dan Paymar’s Book

    Dan Paymar's Book ReviewAs usual I have splitted reviews of video poker book not to create long pages. Here you’re welcome to add your opinions with personal rating (max 5 points) in the comment section. Most of the pages are filled in with reviews. This idea was supported by some of the casino players rather good, so I expect to have significant amount of reviews per each book. At least I hope so :-).

    Express your unique attitude…

    Reviews of Video Poker: Optimum Play Book

    Video Poker: Optimum Play reviewsReviews about Video Poker: Optimum Play by Dan Paymar – well-known gambling observer. What do usual players think about his complex and deep analysis of video poker game play. Everybody is invited to post his or her review in comment section. Please be comprehensive and solid. Hope to receive enough amount of feedbacks from beginners, semi-professionals and pro players.

    Feel free to visit this post…

    2nd Part of Opinions About Linda Boyd’s Book

    Another portion of different useful opinions about The Video Poker Edge: How to Play Smart and Bet Right book written by Linda Boyd. I advisedly created separate post in order not to develop long pages. So here you are free to post your comment about this book with your personal rating. I promise to add corresponded amount of graphical stars.

    Enjoy sharing video poker experience…

    Victory at Video Poker

    How to choose proper video poker machine? How to play winning game at different casino machines? Lots of tips, case studies, statistics and, of course, rules. This book will help you to develop your own way of playing in different casino games including blackjack, keno and video craps. If your motto is to learn more and more everyday this book is for you.

    Frank Scoblete is experienced video poker and slots player that can open a curtain in the world of gambling. Read more…

    Reviews of Linda Boyd’s Book About Video Poker

    I am starting to create posts with books reviews. I hope it will help potential assessors and buyers while selecting appropriate book about video poker or video slots games and strategies. Today I asked my visitors to express themselves about the book of Linda Boyd called The Video Poker Edge: How to Play Smart and Bet Right.

    Feel free to provide your own feedback…

    The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide

    No analogue handy little book with essential information about set of video poker games. It is easy and comfortable to use in any place and under any circumstances.

    Authors are well-known players in video poker and slots machine. Read more…

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