Probability of Deals in Video Poker Game

Probability and chances play considerable role in any gambling game starting from roulette and finishing any type of poker. I have listed different types of card combinations and their chances to drop out. Check this out!

The probability and the deals in video poker depends a lot on the game (the variation of video poker you’ve chosen) you lead and your strategy.

That’s why sometimes it can be very difficult to imagine a certain list of the probability and combinations possible in video poker. Nevertheless we have counted the number of probability for each of the below presented deals.

Because of the fact that video poker traditionally has the same structure of the deal as five-card poker has, the combinations can be very familiar to you.

So now let’s analyze how often we’ll you find different combinations during your game:


The number of ways to get


Royal flush 4 1 of 6490740
Straight flush 36 1 of 72 193
Four of one kind 624 1 of 4 165
Full house 3744 1 of 694
Flush 5108 1 of 509
Straight 10200 1 of 254.8
Three of one kind 54912 1 of 47.32
Two pairs 123552 1 of 21.03
pair 1098240 1of 2.36
No combination 1302540 1 of 1.99

As you can see the table gives a general imagination about that what kind of combinations is possible during one of the deals. To estimate the table of probability in another way, let’s show it in another way which is easier to understand and which shows us what our chances to get the poker combination from the deal are.

One pair 72% of the cases
Two pairs 5%
Three of one kind 2.2%
Straight 0.4%
Flush 0.19%
Four of one kind 0.02%
Straight flush 0.001%
Royal flush 0.0001% of cases

So you should understand that it is silly to expect that in the first deal you’ll get the combination better than flush (but we are the optimists, aren’t we?). If you have got the imagination about the combinations you can get at first, you’ll be able during the game count other probability.

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